Spice Up Your Living Spaces With Bright Colourful Rugs

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No matter how dull and joyless a living space may be, it can be cheered up and invigorated with the addition of bright colored rugs. Rooms lacking in natural light may look unbelievably revitalized once you’ve laid a bright orange or gold rug in it. Such type of carpeting will serve to promote better distribution of artificial lighting, offering a warm glow on the flow to all who enter the room. Apart from providing aesthetic value, Rug Appraisal New York featuring vivid colors, are known to have a positive effect on your mood, uplifting your spirits just when you’re about to start feeling blue.

If you happen to live in a rented apartment, the odds are you cannot redecorate your lodging according to the leasing agreement. If you’re in this unlucky position when only minor decor changes are allowed, a bright solid color rug can be a fantastic way to give a better look and feel to your current home.

If you’ve got white walls, you may want to add a solid black rug to create a strong contrast effect. This will offer a contemporary minimalistic feel to the room. Although difficult to keep clean, solid white rugs make the impression of extra space, freshness and impeccable cleanliness. However, if you have young children or pets, rugs with darker colors may be a better option for you.

Bright colorful area rugs are perfectly suited in the kitchen or bathroom. You’re most likely to enter these rooms first in the morning and bright vivid colors might be just what you need to be off to a fantastic start of the day ahead. There are still people who would consider bright colors inappropriate for their home decor, assuming that the introduction of such bold hues will overpower their living spaces. However, decorating with vivid colors is rather contemporary in nature.

In the most stylish modern homes neatly arranged splashes of bright tones create an absolutely delightful effect. In reality, colorful rugs can make or break the aesthetics of your apartment, and too much color can indeed hurt the eye. Yet, there are plenty of ways in which flamboyant rugs can be incorporated into home decor that will be attractive and eye-catching without becoming overwhelming.

If you’re looking for quality rugs to glam up your living spaces but feel overwhelmed with the choice you have in the market, the best option for you is to look at your perfect rug online. Online retailers today offer an extensive product range for you to choose from. So, it’ll just save you time and energy, let alone some money.

Shaker Rugs – A Brief History

The Shakers, a sect founded in England in 1747 and taken the United States around 1774 by Anne Lee, is known for the robust simplicity of its furniture and other artifacts. Their work has come to epitomize the manufacture of high-quality products, designed so that the form perfectly serves the function of each piece. Living in isolated communities, the Shakers raised flax for textiles and sheep for wool and flannel.

As with every aspect of their lives, including the respect for property and details and care of interior furnishings, the design, and manufacture of Shaker rugs and carpets were governed by the Millennial Laws of 1821, which were revised in 1845.

The Millennial Laws also stated that ‘the carpets in one room should be as alike as can consistently be provided, and these the deaconesses should provide’. Specific mention is made of the patterns that could be used for floor coverings.

Carpets are admissible, but they ought to be used with discretion and made plain. Mother Lucy says two colors are sufficient for one carpet. Make one strip of red and one of grey, another of butternut and grey.

It is thought that these rugs were probably the plain-woven carpets made using rag or rag and wool combination in the weft.

They made most of the popular shapes, but with some characteristic features that identify their rugs as Shaker. The hooked rugs, for example, have rows of braiding bordering the central hooked section, and the backs may be finished with narrow shaker woven tape. They also made ravel-knit rugs, which are characterized by a long, shaggy pile, with the texture of unraveled knitted goods.

Hard-wearing, practical floor coverings, such as braided, rag and fluff rugs, were made by Shaker communities and sold in their stores. Plush rugs were advertised in a catalog of Shaker goods dating from 1870. They sold at 70 cents a square foot and were available in blue, white, yellow, gold and maroon and in any size. Also supplied were pillows and footstools to match.