Soccer Players and Online Casinos: Chronicle of a Passion

The passion for casino siteleri in the last few years has involved the whole world a little: there are those who see it as a pastime, some as a game to invest some savings and others who decide to make even a career. Lately, however, there are many, among celebrities and sportsmen, those who have approached the game of poker, even going so far as to lend their image to the main brands: from the former ski champion Alberto Tomba to Giancarlo Fisichella, from the Olympic fencing champion Luigi Tarantino to Yuri Chechi, the latter are just some of the Belpaese sportsmen who like to bet online. Among the sportsmen, obviously the players could not be missing, protagonists of the most widespread sport in almost the whole world. Francesco Totti, for example, plays poker at least 3 times a week and does so online challenging other players: “The most fun matches are those with Philippe Mexes, with Jérémy Menez and with Marco Cassetti”. The captain of the Roma is also convinced that “Poker trains mental ability and more than a game it is a sport for the brain”. Totti was the first in Italy to lend his face to an online poker platform.However, there are many other players from the world of football, from Christian Vieri to Gianluigi Buffon, to the former national team manager Cesare Prandelli. Former Palermo Fabrizio Miccoli was also the star of an online casino ad; and like him, indeed, before him, many other players have clearly declared their love for Texas Hold’em. For example, even the captain of Juventus and the national team, Gianluigi Buffon, has decided to tie his face to an online poker platform, one of the leaders in the sector in Italy. Like Buffon, many national football players often sit at the tables of their respective poker rooms to play with other users, and who knows how many other sports professionals do it anonymously. At the international level, however, we can mention some champions or former soccer champions who have chosen poker as a second professional life, for example Vikash Dhorasoo, a former French international with a brief and unfortunate appearance in the ranks of Milan, or Thomas Brolin, who was fly the Nevio Scala Parma with Faustino Asprilla.How not to mention the Ronaldo phenomenon, which has lent its face to online poker, declaring itself a regular visitor. And again Teddy Sheringham, former goalscorer of Manchester United in the nineties, and Tony Cascarino, one of the most representative players in Eire history. The two Britons proved particularly good, in fact the English arrived in the final stages of a World Series of Poker Europe event, earning the praise of his new colleagues and a check for 40,000 pounds. The Irishman in recent years has brought home over 500,000 pounds, and the victory in the 2009 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour. Even soccer teams, lately, are entering into commercial agreements with poker rooms and virtual casinos. In addition to the usual hobbies, the companies want to provide their players, perhaps during retreats, with the opportunity to have fun playing online blackjack or have fun with roulette with teammates.